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How Can I Find Motivated Seller Leads As A Real Estate Investor / Wholesaler?

The Real Estate Market has been on a roller coaster to the moon over the past 2 years.

What does this mean for Real Estate Investors and is it still possible to find deals in an overinflated market?

To keep it short and straightforward, the answer to this is... YES!

There will always be a market for motivated sellers.

Whether they are in Probate, Foreclosure, a Short Sale, or Divorce.

There are plenty of methods going about finding them.

Here are just a few:

-Driving For Dollars

-Address Lists / Consumer Data Bases

-Direct Mail

-Direct Advertising (Billboards)

-Facebook Ads

-Google Ads

All of these I have listed above have their Pros and Cons however the Digital Age seems to be favoring some very specifics ones.


Now let's focus on Facebook Ads and how they can help you find motivated seller Leads along with the help of one other method on this list -.

Consumers Data Lists!

You heard that one right!

How Can I Use Data Lists and Facebooks Ads To Find Motivated Sellers?

I'll break that down for you here. Let's start with Data Lists.

For those of you who aren't familiar with them, Data lists have been used in Direct Mail for quite a long time.

Oftentimes, the consumer records in these lists are sourced from local county recorders' offices, or the three major credit bureaus (a marketer's best friend). More often than not, most build up their own lists over time, and this can lead to inaccuracy and when you are inaccurate, you can't target properly.

When you purchase these lists you usually have the option of appending email addresses, IP addresses, FICO scores, and of course their physical address, and property address (duh no shit you can output addresses, it's in the name).

Now, what do you do with these you say? Make sure you append the physical address, property address, name, BUT most importantly, you NEED to append the email address.

The email address will be the golden target to targeting motivated sellers on Facebook.

Facebook's algorithm is a lot smarter than you and I, so it will do most of the heavy lifting but in essence, here is what happens when you load your email addresses to Facebook:

the algorithm will sync your addresses and scan for Facebook profiles that have an account associated with that email. This allows you to load a campaign targeting those people.

This is an extremely powerful tool when leveraged correctly.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to learn more about how Social Media Campaigns can help you find motivated sellers as a Real Estate Wholesaler / Investor, then you can reach out to us by clicking the button below and filling out a short form. We will get right in touch with you!



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