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Keys to a Killer Facebook Campaign

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Regardless of the controversy around Facebook and Zuck, there is no doubt that Facebook has provided an all-in-one content creation and Public awareness platform for Small Businesses, Enterprises, Individuals and a place for you to communicate with anyone around the world.

If you don't understand the leverage Facebooks Algorithm and data tracking features provides for Marketers, then you are missing out on being able to target even the most niche audiences.

Today, I'll be touching on how to put together a Facebook campaign to generate leads.

I'll even use a theoretical business for this example.

Let's get started.

Step 1. What is your ideal customer/audience?

They say "riches are in the niches" -

Knowing your customer and the solution that you provide is key information to position your product the right way.

Ex. Brent runs a company called HealthDent that sells teeth whitening and dental products that are made out of all-natural ingredients. He sells these in a variety of flavors - Charcoal, Hemp, (i think these are popular nowadays right?), and Peppermint, ALL Fluoride-free, the whole deal. You name it he's got it.

Step 2. Setting up a plan to target your audience.

As soon as you have your ideal customer, now you need to find out -

What makes someone want to buy? Are they getting it because they have to? Do they think it would affect their health? Are they on a diet? Are they vegan? Only eat plant-based?

It's important to ask yourself these probing questions to understand what influences your audience to take action.

Brent is not looking to just sell these to a general audience who is only looking for basic toothpaste, like a Crest toothpaste would (no hard feelings to Crest), but these are an audience that is very conscious of their health and typically do not mind spending a bit more for these all-natural kinds of toothpaste.

Instead, Brent decides that he will target the growing self-care and health niche.

Step 3. Picking the right interests.

Once you have asked yourself these qualifying questions to better understand who your ideal customer base is, now it's time to set up your Facebook Campaign.

When advising and running campaigns on behalf of our clients, we set it up as a CBO campaign to effectively allocate money to whatever Ad set is working best. We suggest you do the same.

You will now have to pick what interests to target and we highly recommend a few broad interests at first as the algorithm will highly favor a larger audience - the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK are the best geographic locations to target as the quality of traffic is much better... Or you can just target one of these countries.

EX. Brent knows who he is selling to now. He decides to set up a CBO Campaign targeting 5 health-related interests all in the US, dividing them into their own individual Ad Set.

Here are a few:

Ad set 1. Whole Foods

Ad set 2. Medical Cannabis

Ad set 3. Gluten-Free

Ad set 4. Vegan

Ad set 5. Vegetarian

He decides to set two video creatives for each set, so there are a total of 10 video creatives for the whole campaign.

4. Finding what works.

Brent tests all the above interests and gathers some fascinating insights.

He notices that Ad Set 1 (Whole Foods) performed well. More specifically here were his results from it-

Reach: 5,000 People

(Video Creative 1 - 3600)

(Video Creative 2 - 1400)

Link Clicks: 500

(Video Creative 1 - 360)

(Video Creative 2 - 140)

Website Purchases: 25

(Video Creative 1 - 10)

(Video Creative 2 - 15)

What can we take away from this?

Ad Set 1 is Brent's highest performing Ad set but now he notices that Video Creative 2 got just under half the link clicks of Video Creative 1 but led to 5 more Purchases.

This means that Video Creative 2 created 60% of the purchases and a 10% Conversion Rate!

Brent has managed to create a solid campaign and he will continue to scale up.

More importantly, he knew exactly the right audience that his customer base was in and found a winning Video Creative and Ad set that he will continue to allocate more capital on.

Now, what can Brent do?

Brent can take this successful campaign and do a few different things with it. He can create a member login page that requires you to sign up by email to receive discounts on products, which is an amazing way to build an email list. (We'll go over this on a whole other post)

He can create a referral or affiliate program for people who promote his product, remember everyone always knows someone who knows someone.

The point is that this has created an amazing opportunity for Brent to build trust and brand recognition with his audience and I hope you all can accomplish the same.

I'll see you on the other side!

Best of Luck.




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